Mass Murderers

All these killers were 2+/2-.  The best way to describe these most balanced of the 5 magnetic types can be found in the words of The Incredible Hulk “Don’t make me mad. You won’t like me if you make me mad”

Eric Harris Columbine School 9/4/1981 Aries/Rooster
Dylan Klebold Columbine School 11/9/81 Virgo/Rooster
Adolf Hitler Nazi 20/4/1889 Taurus/Ox
Jeffrey Dahmer Nutter 21/5/1960 Taurus/Rat. (Cusp)
Robert Napper Murderer and Rapist 25/2/66 Pisces/Horse
Thomas Hamilton
Dunblane Primary School 10/5/52 Taurus/Dragon
Steven Paddock. Las Vegas. 9/4/53 Aries/Snake
Omar Mateen Orlando Nightclub 16/11/84 Scorpio/Tiger
Seung Hui-Cho Virginia Tech 18/1/84. Capricorn/Rat
Adam Lanza Sandy Hook 22/4/92 Taurus/Monkey
Dr. Harold Shipman Patients Mass Murderer 14/1/1946 Capricorn/Rooster
Rose West Serial Killer 29/11/1953 Sagittarius/Snake